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The Chameleon 2000 Series Binaural Headset for Amplifiers
Our Rapid release cords are the key to Chameleon Headsets being able to work with virtually any phone product or system.

The key below indicates which cords interface with different headset brands.
The last two digits of the product number are what’s needed to match up with your product or system.Chameleon Headsets for Amplifiers

  • 2201 Adapts Chameleon Headsets to ACS, Triamp, Applica, Colleague products.
  • 2206 Adapts Chameleon Headsets to GN Netcom 8000 Series amplifiers.
  • 2207 Adapts Chameleon Headsets to Chameleon, GN Netcom/Fellows MPA-II, Starkey, ACS SSH-Kneewell, Accoustical Innovations, Smith Corona &
    Plantronics S and T Series amplifiers.
  • 2208 Adapts Chameleon Headsets to Hello-Direct multi-purpose amplifier.
  • 2216 Adapts Chameleon Headsets to Plantronics M and A Series amplifiers & Cisco 7900 Series Telephones.
  • 2219 Adapts Chameleon Headsets to SofTalk Communications products.
  • 2222 Adapts Chameleon Headsets to any VXI amplifier.

Features the following specifications:

  • Digital speaker(s) (150 ohm) with neodymium magnet, 105 SPL +/- 2dB, Freq. Response Curve of 70 Hz -5Khz, and exclusive Audio Clarity Technology™ (ACT) with Acoustic Shock Protection for optimum safety, premium sound performance and all-day wearing comfort.
  • Voice Trap™ noise canceling microphone and housing (-51dB +/- 3dB sensitivity) traps only the human voice rejecting all other noise and renders a full-spectrum Live voice delivery for the user.
  • The industry's best and most reliable patent pending Rapid Release™ Connector featuring spring loaded gold plated contact pins and nylon embedded ABS housing that has been tested and guaranteed to withstand over 200,000 plug/unplug cycles. 
  • A 280 degreerotating Metal Flex™ microphone boom with the industry's highest rated microphone boom ratchet to insure consistent placement of the microphone for the entire life of the headset.
  • Polycarbonate shell for increased strength and reliability for the life of the headset.

All Chameleon phone and computer headsets come with a 2 Year Unconditional Warranty for added peace of mind.


Chameleon Headset Accessories, Ear Pads

Leatherette Ear Pads
for Chameleon Headsets

Chameleon Headset Accessories, Supervisor Cord

1183 Supervisor
"Y" Cord
for Chameleon Headsets with Microphone Toggle Switch

Chameleon Headset Accessories, Coiled Extension Cord

1101 Coiled Extension Cord for all Chameleon Headsets


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