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The 3009 Odyssey IX™ FAA / 911 Dispatch Six Wire Pistol Grip Amplifier
offers our exclusive smart chip technology with "smart sound" filtering technology to deliver the user unparalleled sound clarity and an industry exclusive customer adjustable microphone / transmit sensitivity control.

Features the following specifications:Chameleon Odyssey Headset Amplifiers

  • Exclusive Smart Sound advanced filtering and noise suppression to deliver the user unparalleled sound clarity and quality.
  • Ergonomically designed Pistol Grip housing, industrial metal belt clip, and push to talk trigger/button.
  • Industry exclusive customer adjustable microphone / transmit sensitivity control that is very ideal in high noise / high volume centers where ambient room noise can cause delays in emergency situations.
  • Full range incoming volume control, Rapid Release connector for headset, and 25 feet (open) coiled cord.

* Line powered / Requires no external power source

The 3002 is backed by a No Questions Asked,
abuse or accident, 3-year warranty.


Chameleon Headset Accessories, Ear Pads

Leatherette Ear Pads
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Chameleon Headset Accessories, Supervisor Cord

1183 Supervisor
"Y" Cord
for Chameleon Headsets with Microphone Toggle Switch


1101 Coiled Extension Cord for all Chameleon Headsets


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