Convertible Call Center Grade USB Headsets

All the Chameleon Headsets featured on this page are commercial grade convertible style USB headsets.

A convertible USB headset is a headset that can be worn in two different ways, either over the head or behind the ear. All Chameleon convertible headsets come standard with one headband with leatherette ear pad and rubber T-bar, and two different size malleable ear loops. These features are all designed to accommodate most ear sizes and shapes, while weighing less than over the head monaural and binaural headsets. The exclusive Chameleon Headsets AirLite headband™ and GumbyFlex™ ear loops have been individually engineered for premium balance and extended wearing comfort.

These USB headsets are popular with individuals who may want to change their wearing style every few days or for those who would prefer to avoid a crease in their hair from a headband on their head.

Convertible USB headsets are also very popular in enterprise-sized organizations where a single SKU headset can accommodate most individuals. Rather than buying two different style headsets, buyers can consolidate with a single headset.