Best Wireless Call Center Headsets For PC & Phone

What does it take to make a great wireless call center headset?

For Chameleon Headsets, it took several years and a little blood, sweat and tears to get it just right. Working hand in hand with a leading wireless IC chip-set manufacturer and several of our high-profile accounts to insure they made a wireless call center headset that was comfortable to wear over long periods of time, had the proper sound quality so that no one would know you were speaking on a headset and the durability to withstand the various abuse a call center headset goes through daily. Upon completion, Chameleon Headsets introduced a family of wireless headsets packed with features to accommodate a wide variety of users and their individual needs.

When talking about wireless headsets, there can be two types of wireless technology used. There are Bluetooth headsets for use with any Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones, PC’s or tablets. The range of Bluetooth headsets is limited usually to around 100 ft or less. And then there are 1.9GHz DECT wireless headsets that have a base unit, like a cordless phone would have, and have an average range of 300 ft or more. These wireless headsets are capable of being used with multi-line business telephones and in some cases with PC’s too. Chameleon Headsets proudly manufactures both commercial grade Bluetooth headsets and long-range 1.9GHz wireless call center headsets.

Looking for a wireless call center headset for your office or call center staff? The Chameleon 3012 Clearphonic HD wireless headset has it all.

It is universally compatible with any wired telephone or multi-line telephone system with automatic answer and hang up capabilities via an accessory auto-handset lifter or electronic hook switch cord. The 1.9MHz DECT bandwidth allows interference free communications for up to 40 simultaneous users. The headset is a convertible style so you can wear it over the head or behind the ear with 2 different style ear hooks included and will quick charge in 2-3 hours. The headset features an ultra-noise canceling microphone and can be used for 8 hours straight on a single charge or 50 hour stand by charge if only used sporadically throughout the day. There are independent volume controls for the speaker and microphone and a mute button found on both the headset and base charger.

But what if I need a wireless headset for PC and phone? Chameleon Headsets has a model for that, the Chameleon 3012U Clearphonic HD wireless headset for PC and phone.

Best Wireless Call Center Headsets

The 3012U will do everything the standard 3012 will do but will also plug into any USB port on your PC or Mac to allow the user to simply use the headset on either device. It quickly turns into a wireless USB headset. The 3012U wireless headset for PC and phone is compatible with MS Skype for Business, MS Teams, Avaya One-X, Cisco Jabber, X-Lite Bria, 3CX, Windows XP, Vista, Office Communicator, ZOOM and virtually all other voice driven applications.

I know the next obvious question is “what do I do if my cell phone rings?” Chameleon Headsets has you covered. The Chameleon 3012UBT is a wireless call center headset, a wireless USB headset and a Bluetooth headset all in one. It easily connects to any LAN line phone, PC, laptop or MAC computer, and will also pair with any Bluetooth enabled device to allow the user to simply toggle between all such devices for complete unified communications. The base charger is equipped with Bluetooth version 4.0 allowing the headset to pair and communicate with any Bluetooth enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet.