Monaural Call Center Grade USB Headsets

All the Chameleon monaural USB headsets featured on this page are commercial grade, over the head monaural style, telephone headsets.

These monaural USB headsets are robust headsets worn over the head with mono sound in one ear. All the monaural headsets come standard with one leatherette ear pad, one foam ear pad, adhesive headset hanger and a comfortable rubber T-bar. Each headset is individually engineered to deliver premium sound and extended wearing comfort.

Each of these monaural USB headsets are designed around an extremely strong polycarbonate shell and feature either a MetalFlex™ or PlastiFlex™ bendable mic boom along with Chameleon Headsets exclusive VoiceTrap™ noise canceling microphone.

Monaural USB headsets are popular with individuals who work in lower noise environments or who may prefer to have one ear available to hear their surroundings.