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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return my Chameleon Headset?

All web orders may be returned within 30 days. You are responsible for returning the headset at your cost and the headset must contain all the same components it arrived with, or you may incur up to a 25% restocking fee.

Do I need a RMA to return my Chameleon Headset for repair or refund?

Yes. Contact Chameleon Headsets either by email at or by phone at 805 480 9162 for instructions regarding your return

What is the warranty of my Chameleon Headset?

80% or more of all Chameleon Headsets are covered by a two-year “no abuse” warranty. However, some are covered by a one-year limited warranty. To know the exact warranty for the headset you are interested in, simply look under the Key Features and Specifications tabs on each headset page.

What if my telephone has a headset jack, but the make and model of my telephone is not listed in the Compatibility tab?

As new phones are coming out every year with direct connect headset port on them, it is difficult to constantly update our compatibility guide.

If your telephone has a dedicated headset port and is not listed under the Compatibility tab, simply contact Chameleon Headsets either by email at or by phone (toll free) at 877 773 7797 for instructions regarding the proper Rapid Release compatibility cord for your phone.

What if my telephone does not have a headset jack?

If your telephone does not have a direct connect headset port on it, you need to use what is called a universal headset amplifier. The amplifier requires two AA batteries (included) and offers the user a handset/headset switch, mute button for the microphone, a tone control button for added treble or bass as desired, and universal compatibility on any telephone or telephone system in which the keypad is on the base of the phone and NOT in the handset. Princess/trim line phones are excluded.

Simply choose Odyssey VII amplifier from the “Select a cord for telephone use” drop down menu.

What is the best Quick Disconnect connector for me?

A quick disconnect is the connector between the headset itself and the cord that will plug into a phone or other device. Chameleon Headsets also refers to this connector as a Rapid Release connector. It allows the user to disconnect from the cord without having to remove the headset from your head. It also works as a kind of hold or mute button when disconnected.

All Chameleon wired call center headsets on this web site are available with either a Plantronics / Poly quick disconnect, GN Netcom / Jabra quick disconnect or a Chameleon Headsets quick disconnect.

If you are already a Plantronics / Poly headset user, we recommend you purchase your new Chameleon Headset with their connector. If you are already a GN Netcom / Jabra headset user, we recommend you purchase your new Chameleon Headset with their connector. And if you are already a Chameleon Headset user, we recommend you purchase your new Chameleon Headset with the Chameleon connector.

If this is your first headset purchase or you are looking for a change, we 100% recommend you purchase the headset with the Chameleon Headsets quick disconnect. It is the highest rated connector in the industry and tested for over 200,000 plug – unplug cycles.

Where is Chameleon Headsets By Earshot Innovations located?

Physical location:

Chameleon Headsets
1200 Lawrence Dr.   Ste. 370
Newbury Park, CA  91320
PH: 805 480 9162

How long has Chameleon Headsets been in business?
Chameleon Headsets was established in 2000 and is now 22 years old. The management team has been in the telephone headset industry for over 40 years.


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