Call Center Headset

In your search for the perfect call center headset, keep Chameleon Headsets in mind for quality, affordability, and convenience. Our high-tech headsets are loaded with innovative features that make your job easier and improve communications with your callers. Headsets for call centers are notoriously expensive- our products are more affordable than most others sold today. Review our headsets, compare prices with competitors, and see for yourself why we are a trusted supplier to the industry.

5 Popular Features of Our Headsets For Call Centers

1. Voice Trap is the newest noise canceling microphone and housing used by call center agents. Essentially, Voice Trap ‘traps’ only the human voice and cancels our all other noises, rendering what is called ‘full-spectrum’ live voice delivery, which is superior in quality to old technology. If you work in a call center where there’s a likelihood of agents’ voices overlapping, our noise canceling headsets are a must-have.

You can give your callers an exceptional experience on the phone by choosing a Chameleon Headsets product with Voice Trap. Consider the 5007 Euphonic Pro Convertible Wide Band Headset, for example.

2. Headsets for agents at call centers love the new Rapid Release technology built into new products. With a spring-loaded, gold-plated contact pin and nylon embedded ABS housing, Rapid Release is consistent and reliable, having been tested and guaranteed to withstand 200,000+ plug/unplug cycles.

3. Every call center agent knows that microphone placement is key to clear communications. Our wireless headsets for customer service feature a 280-degree rotating PlastiFlex microphone boom that extends the life of the headset and improves placement of the microphone; in simple terms, no more fidgeting with your microphone throughout conversations.

4. Our upgraded call center headset products, like the 3012U Odyssey XII 1.9GHx Dect Wireless Headset with USB Interface is certified for Skype for Business and compatible with many different softphones. Its 1.9GHz Dect bandwidth allows up to 40 simultaneous users.

5. Headsets for conference calls come in all price ranges at Chameleon Headsets, starting at the very affordable price of $42.95 and going up from there. Consider the budget-friendly 5021 Mellifluous pro Clearphonic HD Headset with universal compatibility on any telephone or telephone system with a dedicated headset jack. Our direct connect wireless headsets are an exceptional deal and come standard with a 2-year warranty to protect your investment.

Best-In-Class Call Center Headset

Look no further than Chameleon Headsets for exceptional quality and outstanding value when you want a headset that will last for many years. When it comes to electronics, you really do get what you pay for- make sure you spend time checking out your supplier and the product you plan to buy before you make a purchase.

Check with us first when you can’t afford to waste money on a low-quality product- we’d love to take time with you over the phone to discuss your call center needs and offer a professional recommendation from our inventory. Call us at 805-480-9162 or connect with us online for more information.