Call Center Phones and Headsets

A call center job is demanding as it requires a lot of output from the agent. Fluctuating volumes from callers, improper fitting headsets, and insufficient earpiece padding affect their ability to offer quality customer service. Getting the suitable headsets for call centers alleviates most of these concerns, leading to a more comfortable working environment, satisfied customers, and better sales.

When buying headsets for call centers, there are features that you should prioritize. While price is the deciding factor, it should be considered last after assessing the need for:

Noise cancellation

This technology has become more widely available in smartphones and audio accessories. Increased use of teleconferencing apps in the past few years has also contributed to its popularity. The same conveniences it provides for these markets can be enjoyed by call center agents. Noise-canceling headsets enable seamless service delivery as agents can work even in crowded workspaces. More importantly, it keeps your customers happy as the agents can clearly understand all their utterances. 

Wired vs. Wireless

This debate is swaying to the wireless side when it comes to the smartphone market. However, enthusiasts and heavy users argue for the benefits of wired headphones. They are available in either a USB or 3.5mm jack configuration and offer extended service before needing replacement. They are also maintenance-free and offer more value for money. Their biggest drawback is that they limit the agents to their workstations. Bluetooth headsets offer more flexibility, with some products supporting as much as 120m of range. It allows an agent or seller to walk around as they engage their customers. Users need not worry about tangled wires or limited movement. Wireless headsets for customer service are, however, more expensive and require regular charging. 

Mono vs. Duo

Mono headsets feature one earpiece. They are suitable for environments with low noise levels. Agents can engage with their environment and their customer, ensuring efficient communication with both parties. The best headsets for conference calls are the duo variant. They are also ideal for noisy workspaces as they eliminate environmental distractions, allowing the agent to offer undivided attention to their customers. They are more versatile as they fully immerse the agents into their work. For both options, ensure the headsets have generous padding material to support hours of continuous use.

Additional features 

Some headsets come bundled with more exclusive features such as HD voice support, harmful noise protection, and extended range support. They are handy but come at an additional cost. 


There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to price. Consider the factors above to shortlist the most suitable options. Cheap products will have insufficient noise cancellation and a low-quality plastic build. Mid-range products are easier to recommend as they offer compelling features for manageable prices even when purchased in bulk. The options will have dependable noise cancellation and be comfortable enough for long-term use, whether wired or wireless. Expensive options are unnecessary in most cases, especially for large call centers, unless they match the premium quality aspects of the company. 

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Call Center Phones And Headsets