USB Wireless Headset

Enjoy the convenience of a wireless headset when your PC lacks or has faulty Bluetooth connectivity. With a USB wireless headset, you get a USB adapter that plugs into your computer. It connects with your wireless headset, which you can then seamlessly use for communication.

Why do you need a USB wireless headset?

It provides hands-free connectivity, allowing you to freedom to move away from a fixed station. It is the ideal headset to use when your computer does not support Bluetooth. They are ideal headsets for agents in call centers with older computers that have limited wireless capabilities.

Are there different headsets designs?

There is a vast array of styles offering different levels of comfort and functionalities. Mono or single speaker variant allows the user to pay attention to their task and environment. They are the popular style headsets for call centers where colleagues consult other members as they offer customer service. Duo headband styles offer more immersive listening as they block any environmental noise.

There are different wear designs as well. Over the ear are minimalist and discreet due to the absence of a headband. Neckband and in-ear styles are also available.

Do they offer noise-cancellation?

Noise-canceling headsets are now the standard. USB wireless headsets incorporate the technology differently. Some offer active noise cancellation for greater effectiveness, while others have an ambient sound feature that allows you to perceive your surroundings.

Do they have amplifiers?

Amplifiers are nice to have in USB headsets for call centers. They allow you to adjust the volume of incoming and outgoing calls, making it easier to communicate with a customer with poor reception. They also offer a mute toggle that lets you communicate with your colleagues without your caller hearing your conversation.

Do I need a charging stand?

Premium headsets come bundled with a charging dock. While sleek and convenient, it is an unnecessary accessory unless the headset is specifically designed for wireless charging. Usually, you can recharge the headset using a PC or a power brick.

How often will I recharge the headset?

It depends on how long you use the headset and the battery capacity. The best products right now offer over 100 hours of service. You can recharge the headset using a micro-USB cable often supplied with the product. Newer headsets support quick charging, giving you many hours of talk time or playback after a few minutes of charging. If you cannot recharge immediately, you can use a 3.5mm jack to continue using them.

Can I use different devices?

Headsets with multi-point connection support can be used across different devices. Connect both your smartphone and computer simultaneously and toggle between the two seamlessly. It is a feature that is desirable for headsets for conference calls.

What other features can I get?

Depending on your budget, you can get additional longer-range support, adjustable microphones, HD voice, rotating or touch-sensitive controls, memory foam padding, and an IP rating. Basic USB wireless headsets start from $20, with midrange offerings averaging at $120.

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