Wireless Headset for PC and Phone

Wireless headsets are slowly replacing the conventional wired ones as the new standard. The flexibility, convenience, and added features of these headsets have made them more universally accepted. The growth and advancement of Bluetooth connectivity have encouraged many personal users to opt for these headsets. Large companies are also investing in wireless headsets for customer service representatives because of their added versatility.

Buying Guide for Headsets 

Consider various factors before you grab your new listening pair. They include:

Purpose– Unlike headsets for call centers whose function is defined from the start, wireless headsets for computers and phones serve different functions. Are they for listening to music, gaming, or exercising? The purpose you intend to use the headsets for will aid your selection.

Type– In-ear, on-ear, and over-ear designs are the most popular designs. They each offer a unique listening experience, with the over-ear design having the most impressive output.

Brand– Premium brands from luxury companies are expensive and typically offer better audio and build quality than those priced in the midrange.

Features: Bluetooth support is standard. Others such as noise-cancellation and HD voice support are included in select models only.

Selecting your ideal headsets

Headsets for call centers have simple specifications, mostly a flexible boom arm, long-range support, and noise cancellation. These features transfer well to personal headsets where comfort and quality also receive an emphasis.

Over-ear headsets are a classic. The way they envelop your ears allows them to deliver higher sound quality, ideal for games and music experiences. They are, however, bulky. A proper design execution is needed to prevent any ear fatigue. Look for extra padding or memory foam if this is your preferred design.

In-ear headsets are smaller, sleeker, and the most popular right now. They are easy to use for extended periods and remain stationary once worn, making participation in diverse activities such as running and weight lifting possible. Wireless models eliminate the tangles that come with corded variants. However, they are easy to lose, and if you want an exceptional audio experience, you will need to spend more.

On-ear variations offer the best of both worlds. They are smaller and more portable than over-ear designs and are the most common headsets for conference calls and call centers. Check for good build and sound quality to ensure the audio delivery and wearing experience remains good over time.


Noise-canceling headsets are more popular than ever, and this has helped lower their cost. The best headsets, however, offer this as a feature that you can turn off. Offering you the opportunity to receive sounds from your environment is good if you are outdoors and need to maintain situational awareness.

As wireless headsets need regular charging, find a pair that gives you at least a day’s worth of playback or talk-time, or at least six hours. For gaming and movie headsets, find a product with other sound technologies to deliver higher quality surround sounds.

Remember to try out the different fitting profiles of in-ear designs. Capsules, half-ear, and earbuds all offer different wearing experiences.

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